Instructional Program Implementation

Program Implementation:

     • We facilitate implementation of State and common core standards

     • We facilitate curriculum development and implementation

     • We provide training in state adopted curriculum material

     • We facilitate the integration of instruction across curriculum

     • We provide training and facilitation in backward mapping

     • We facilitate grade level vertical and horizontal articulation

Instructional Strategies:

     • We provide training in scientific, research-based instruction

     • We provide training in instructional strategies that work

     • We provide training in comprehension strategies that work

     • We provide training in writing across the curriculum

     • We provide training embedding writing genres across the curriculum

     • We provide training in developing writing prompts and rubrics           

     • We provide training in functional and embedded grammar

     • We facilitate grade level vertical and horizontal articulation


Response to Instruction & Intervention:

     • We provide training in selecting diagnostic assessments                       

     • We provide training in multiple assessment triangulation                          

     • We provide training in data collection design and analysis                             

     • We facilitate problem / intervention identification

     • We facilitate intervention plan development

     • We facilitate program monitoring and analysis


Legal Implementation

  1. We provide training in the legal requirements of state and federal program implementation

  2. We provide training in school law for district and site administrators as well as teacher leaders

• We provide ongoing coaching for school leaders


   “This has been a wonderful training!  I

      have not had such expansive information

      and dialogue with my colleagues in

      years. Thank you!”

  “The trainer was excellent. She modeled

     what she was discussing without being

     obvious or condescending.”

  “The trainer was phenomenal. She

     adjusted to our needs and challenged

     us as well.”

“The training was very rigorous.”

  “Phenomenal, cost-effective, and easy to

      implement. So glad I found this solution.”


Assessment System Development:

     • We provide training in the concepts and development of baseline, formative, and summative assessment

     • We provide training in holistic and analytical scoring of student work across the curriculum

     • We facilitate the development and implementation of a site-wide or district-wide assessment system

     • We provide training in scoring calibration and vertical as well as horizontal assessment articulation

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English Language Learners:

  1. We provide training in language    

    development and instructional  strategies

    that work